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July 2017

The IMPROVE Act has many parts, including cuts to the state sales tax on groceries and the Hall income tax, increases in fuel taxes, and a list of 962 transportation projects to be paid for with the new funding. To help break down the many components, the Comptroller’s Office has created a guide to explain the new law and give you an estimate of the related state and local fiscal impacts. The link above contains the full legislative brief in PDF format on the IMPROVE Act.

To supplement the legislative brief, OREA has also broken down by House and Senate district each of the 962 projects identified in the IMPROVE Act. In each of the legislative profiles, users will be able to see a map in PDF format highlighting:

  • The number of bridge projects in a given district,
  • The number of road projects in a given district,
  • The total length of road construction in a given district.

It is important to note that multiple projects may be identified for a specified area of construction, resulting in a greater number of road projects in the total project count than what may be seen on the map.

We hope the maps bring clarity and transparency to the projects identified in the IMPROVE Act. For any questions regarding the maps, please contact OREA at

Data are provided to OREA by the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) and are current as of July 2017.