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County Pregnancy Rates and School Districts' Family Life Education Requirements
August 2015

County pregnancy rates and school districts’ family life education requirements

Tennessee Code Annotated 49-6-1302 requires all school districts in counties with a pregnancy rate exceeding 19.5 per 1,000 females, ages 15–17, to create and implement a family life education program. Family life education programs are to be locally developed or districts may adopt the curriculum approved by the State Board of Education. Previous versions of the law required school districts to provide family life education for four years after exceeding the 19.5 rate; changes made to the law in 2012 (Public Chapter 973) deleted this requirement. Under current law, districts must provide the instruction when they exceed the 19.5 rate, based on data maintained by the Department of Health, State Center for Health Statistics, and must make staffing decisions about the teaching of family life education year-to-year.

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In the table below, counties with rates highlighted are those whose school districts must implement a family life education program, based on 2013 rates (the most current to date) published by the Tennessee Department of Health. The table also shows rates for previous years. Click on the map to see information for all school districts in the state. See TCA 49-6-1301, et seq., for statutory requirements concerning family life programs in Tennessee schools. See county pregnancy rate statistics maintained by the Tennessee Department of Health.