The Division of Investigations supports the office’s audit function by investigating allegations of fraud, waste, and abuse in government and publicly-funded entities and by working closely with law enforcement and prosecutors on criminal allegations.

The division reports the results of its investigations, including significant internal control and compliance deficiencies noted during the investigations, to the appropriate parties.

News & Updates

4/19/2017 - Investigative Report
Gallatin City Recorder's Office

4/19/2017 - Investigative Report
Powell Valley School Click here to view the associated exhibit

4/18/2017 - Investigative Report
Town of Oakland

4/18/2017 - Investigative Report
Oakland Parks and Recreation

4/18/2017 - Investigative Report
New Market Volunteer Fire Department Click here to view the associated exhibit

4/11/2017 - Investigative Report
Loudon County Health Department

3/10/2017 - Investigative Report
Van Buren County E-911 Emergency Communications District

3/3/2017 - Investigative Report
Manchester-Coffee County Conference Center Click here to view the associated exhibit