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Information and Instructions for Using On-Line Confirmation Data

Organizations other than counties and county related organization are listed in alphabetical order.

Counties and county related organizations are divided into two broad categories:

  1. Counties
  2. County Related Entities and Special School Districts, which includes the Multi-County entities and the discretely presented component units. Some of the component units received payments under the related county’s Edison ID (also referred to as a Vendor Number by our offices). Care should be exercised in determining that all payments related to an organization have been downloaded from this site.

Subrecipient Payment Information

Not currently available

General Information

The data provided to independent CPAs for the audit process includes certain information that we have extracted from the state's accounting records. However, the data was entered into the records by various state departments and has not been audited by this office. This information should not be construed as a confirmation by the Office of the Comptroller but rather by the various other state departments responsible for recording the information. If any further information is necessary please refer to the confirmation and grantor contact information on our web site: Grantor Agency Contacts

State data includes (as applicable):

  • Board of Education payments from the Department of Education
  • USDA commodities report from the Tennessee Department of Agriculture
  • state shared revenues (e.g.,sales tax, in-lieu of tax, gasoline tax, etc.) from the Tennessee Department of Revenue
  • Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS), information concerning contributions to the retirement system
  • subrecipient payment information from various state departments, [not currently available]
  • collateral pool bank participants (go to the link provided on our web site)
    (If the link is not working or is not available, go to, select Local Government, then bank collateral pool, then select participants.)
  • Rural Roads
  • TVA
  • Mortgage Realty
  • ADA Information from Education
  • Fish and Game Licenses
  • LOGIC Assessments
  • 25% distribution to Emergency Communication Districts
  • TLDA Loans administered through Bond Finance

Data Description

State Shared Revenues

State shared revenues include revenues from a variety of different sources, some restricted to limited use and others available for general use. The types of revenue in these confirmations is listed below.

Stars - Edison Crosswalk

Program Code REV_SRCE Type
160001 Alcoholic Beverage Tax County
160002 Alcoholic Beverage Tax - Special County
150000 Beer Tax County
260001 Business Tax (County Clerk) County
260000 Business Tax (Trustee) County
180010 Central Business Improvement District (CBID) County
110002 Coal Severance Tax County
210000 Excise Tax County
300000 Fantasy Sports County
190000 Flood Control County
200000 Forest Title I or Forest Title III County
140002 Gas 1989 County
140003 Gas 3 Cent County
110003 Gas-Oil Severance Tax County
140001 Gasoline and Motor Fuel Tax County
130000 Income Tax County
240000 Local Option Sales Tax County
110001 Mineral Severance Tax County
120000 Mixed Drink Tax County
280000 Occupancy Tax County
100000 Petroleum Special County
270000 Professional Athletics County
180008 Sales Partner County
180006 Sports Authority County
180007 Sports Authority - TPAC County
180001 State Sales (St Sales C) County
220000 Telecommunications Sales Tax County
180005 Tennessee Development Zone (TDZ) County
290000 Tire Tax County
180002 TN River County
170000 TVA In-Lieu of Tax County
160001 Alcoholic Beverage Tax Municipality
150000 Beer Tax Municipality
260000 Business Tax  Municipality
260001 Business Tax (Additional) Municipality
180003 Courthouse Square Municipality
210000 Excise Tax Municipality
140002 Gas 1989 Municipality
140003 Gas 3 Cent Municipality
140001 Gasoline and Motor Fuel Tax Municipality
130000 Income Tax Municipality
240000 Local Option Sales Tax Municipality
120000 Mixed Drink Tax Municipality
100000 Petroleum Special Municipality
180004 Premier Resort Municipality
270000 Professional Athletics Municipality
180008 Sales Partner Municipality
180009 Sales Zoo Municipality
180006 Sports Authority Municipality
180001 State Sales (St Sales C) Municipality
220000 Telecommunications Sales Tax Municipality
180005 Tennessee Development Zone (TDZ) Municipality
180002 TN River Municipality
170000 TVA In-Lieu of Tax Municipality

State Shared Revenues School System Payments
Amanda McGraw
Department of Revenue
(615) 741-1028
Sarah Morgan
Department of Education
(615) 532-1625
TCRS Note Disclosure USDA Commodities
Amy Whitehead
(615) 253-6783
Terri Minton
Department of Agriculture
(615) 837-5530
Subrecipient Payments Collateral Pool Participants
Grantor Agency Contacts and Telephone Numbers See Tennessee Department of Treasury Bank Collateral Pool