Commodities Allocation
CAA's, HRA's and Food Banks

Estimated Commodity Value - Allocated SY 12 - 13

TEFAP ACTIVITY FY 2013 Value of Commodities Received
Anderson County Community Action Commission $68,300.57 6com
Blount County Community Action Agency $45,023.88 22com
Bradley-Cleveland Community Services Agency $84,431.13 41com
Chattanooga Area Food Bank $788,451.81 2159com
Chattanooga Department of Youth and Family Development $208,712.86 1629com
Clarksville-Montgomery County Community Action Agency $40,922.97 94com
Delta Human Resource Agency $277,380.19 304com
Douglas-Cherokee Economic Authority $386,343.53 144com
East Tennessee Human Resource Agency $280,784.64 808com
Highland Rim Economic Corporation $129,839.26 242com
Knoxville-Knox County Community Action Committee $187,295.49 1419com
Mid-Cumberland Community Action Agency $299,497.77 383com
Mid-East Community Action Agency $112,246.21 385com
Mid-South Food Bank $1,394,007.13 686com
Northwest Tn Economic Development Council $656,078.25 426com
Second Harvest Food Bank Of East Tennessee $1,238,797.08 1206com
Second Harvest Food Bank Of Middle Tennessee $2,454,524.01 1086com
Second Harvest Food Bank Of Northeast Tennessee $870,421.13 2170com
Shelby County Community Services Agency $26,307.52 340com
South Central Human Resource Agency $472,622.05 730com
Southeast Tennessee Human Resource Agency $180,941.39 462com
Southwest Human Resource Agency $711,158.33 83com
Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency $796,826.45 815com
Upper East Tennessee Human Development Agency $319,828.92 616com