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Office of Management Services
Melinda K. Parton Melinda K. Parton
Director of Management Services


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About the Office of Management Services


The Office of Management Services assists the comptroller in policy and procurement oversight matters providing technical and analytical assistance and management services support in the oversight approval of procurement and contractual matters as well as many major initiatives undertaken by the State. The office further provides staff support as a member of certain boards and commissions:



The Office of Management Services provides administrative, technical and support services to the divisions of the comptroller’s office in areas of:


  • Administration – Kathy Stickel
    • Annual reporting
    • Strategic planning coordination



  • Comptroller Procurement Compliance – Don Ivancic
    • Oversight review of contracts and RFPs
    • Approval of contracts and RFPs


  • Officewide systems’ project business lead – Kathy Stickel


  • Human Resources – Amber Velotta
    • Payroll and Personnel
    • Recruitment of professional staff
    • Comptroller Policies and Procedures
    • Affirmative Action Plan
    • Workplace complaints and filings
    • Training coordination


  • Facilities administration – Andrew Hawkins
    • Facilities coordination and management
    • Tenant requests


  • Accounting/budgeting – Andrew Hawkins
    • Comptroller budget and presentation to the General Assembly
    • Financial Integrity
    • Procurement of goods and services
    • Coordination and development of contracts, RFIs and RFPs




Contact Us

Office of Management Services
Suite 1400, James K. Polk Building
505 Deaderick Street
Nashville, TN 37243-1402
(615)  401-7720


Office Contacts

Melinda Parton, CGFM
Business Administration
(615) 401-7770



Kathy Stickel, CPA, CGFM
Management Services Assistant Director
Business Administration
(615) 747-5241


Andrew Hawkins, CFE
Fiscal Services Assistant Director
Fiscal Services
(615) 401-7743



Amber Velotta
Human Resources Manager
Human Resource Services
(615) 401-7925


Susan Denton
Communications and Publications Manager
Business Administration
(615) 401-7741


Don Ivancic
Legislative Procurement Compliance Manager
Comptroller Procurement Compliance
(615) 401-7753