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The Inspection/Duplication of Records Request is the form which can be used by both requestors and records custodians. Note, when a request is made under the Tennessee Public Records Act, the Act does not authorize custodians either: (1) to require requests for inspection of public records to be in writing, or (2) to assess a charge for inspection. However, other provisions of law may permit or require such written request or charge. The Act does authorize a records custodian to require requests for copies of records to be in writing (or to be made on the form developed by the Office of Open Records Counsel) and to require payment of costs for the copies. Records custodians who require written requests for copies are encouraged to customize this form to conform to their specific office and make the form readily available for use. Instructions

The Records Request Denial Letter is the response form sent by a records custodian to a requestor to deny a records request for inspection or access or for copies of public records. The written denial must disclose the legal basis for the denial. Although a written denial is required by the Act, a records custodian is not required to use the exact form developed by the Office of Open Records Counsel. Instructions

The Records Production Letter is the response form to be used by a records custodian when the record cannot be made available within seven (7) business days. The Act requires records custodians to use the exact form developed by the Office of Open Records Counsel. Instructions

Schedule of Reasonable Charges relates to charges which a records custodian may charge for copies of public records requested pursuant to the Act. Instructions

Frequent and Multiple Requestsfor Copies Policy permits aggregation of requests for purposes of calculating labor charges.

Notice of Aggregation Form is the form to be used when aggregating requests by more than one requestor pursuant to the Policy for Frequent and Multiple Requests for Copies.

Safe Harbor Policy establishes a presumption of compliance with the Act for custodians following OORC Schedule of Reasonable Charges and Frequent and Multiple Requests Policy.

Best Practices Guidelines are nonbinding on records custodians.

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