About Us

The Office of Research and Education Accountability (OREA) has issued reports covering a wide range of policy topics since 1994, from education to health care to criminal justice. These reports have informed policy debates within the state legislature, led to changes in state law, and sparked the creation of state initiatives to address critical needs.

Numerous OREA reports have received an award from the National Legislative Program Evaluation Society in recognition of their significant impact on public policy. If you would like to be notified whenever we release a publication, take a moment and sign up for our OREA email alerts.

Director's Message

We have designed this website to serve as a research center for legislators and legislative staff, but are hopeful that our audience also includes members of the media, students, staff of other research organizations, and the general public.

The work you see on the website would not be possible without the efforts of our dedicated, professional staff. Click on the Directory of Employees link to learn more about them.

OREA is committed to producing objective and accurate research, evaluation, and analysis to inform public policy discussions and decisions in the Tennessee General Assembly. OREA thereby supports the broader mission of the Comptroller's Office, to make government work better.

Russell Moore, Director