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Autism in Tennessee: Part 3--Health
May 2012
Author: Doug Wright
This is the third report in a series on Autism Spectrum Disorders by the Offices of Research and Education Accountability. The first report, Autism in Tennessee: Part 1 –An Introduction to Issues and Data Collection Methods was released in October 2009. Part 1 includes an overview of autism as a disability, including associated laws, and a review of autism data collection and prevalence estimates. The second report, Autism in Tennessee: Part 2 – Education, was released in December 2010. It includes an overview of the special education process and associated laws, and includes approaches being taken by Tennessee and other states to prepare teachers and school staff to educate children with autism. This report covers issues related to state and federal health-related programs and laws that intersect with the state and federal special education programs in Tennessee. These include federal laws, funding mechanisms, and treatments.