General Property Tax Relief Questions & Answers

Are tax relief recipients exempt from paying property taxes?
No. Tax relief is payment by the State of Tennessee to reimburse homeowners meeting certain eligibility requirements, for a part or all of paid property taxes. Tax Relief is not an exemption. You still receive your tax bill(s) and are responsible for paying your property taxes each year.
How much tax relief will I get?
The amount varies depending on your property assessment and your county or city tax rate.
Will my tax relief check be the same each year?
The amount may vary year to year depending on your property assessment and your county or city tax rate.
How long does it take to process an application?
Processing time depends on the amount of workload received at any given time within the tax year. So it is not possible to provide a specific length of time in which to expect your application to process.
Are tax relief checks forwarded?
NO. State checks may not be forwarded.
What should I do if I will be away from my home for an extended period of time?
Notify the collecting official of any address changes or expected absences.
Can I receive relief on more than one property?
NO. You can only receive tax relief on your primary residence in any given tax year.
What happens next year if I am approved for tax relief?
You will receive a property tax relief voucher when you receive your property tax bill(s). You will need to present the voucher(s) to the collecting official(s) before the deadline date along with payment of any balance due.
Can I receive tax relief if I am unable to provide my spouse's information/income/signature?
NO. The income of the applicant's spouse is required to determine eligibility regardless of residency or ownership.

For additional information see the following brochure:

Applications can be obtained from your local county trustee's office and city collecting official's office.

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