Railroad Maps

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Anderson County
CSX Railroad
    Campbell Co. line > S 2 miles
    Lake City, Tn
    >to 2 mile S of Lake City
    Medford, Tn
    S of Medford, Tn > 2 miles S
    Granite, Tn > S 1 mile
    Leinarts, Tn > S 2 miles
    North of Dossett, Tn > to 1 miles S
    Dossett, Tn @ Clinch River > NE to Oak Ridge, Tn
    S of Clinch River > N of Oak Ridge at Kirkstall, Tn
    S of Kirkstall, Tn to Atomic Energy Plant
    Atomic Energy Plant to Knox. Co. Line
    Dossett, Tn > W
    W to >2 miles W of Dossett
    Batley, Tn > W
    Hanna, Tn to Roane County Line
    Oliver Springs, Tn at Roane Co./Morgan Co. line
    Iola, Tn to Khotan, Tn
    Winrock, Tn
    Cairord to Fairbanks Rd.
    E of Fairbanks Rd. to Emory Valley Rd. and Lafayette Rd.
    Emory Valley Rd. to Midland Rd.
    Midland Rd. to Scarboro Rd. to A.E.C.
Norfolk Southern Railroad
    Clinton Clinch River W. to Laurel , Tn
    W. of Laurel, Tn to Dossett to Marlow, Tn
    W. of Marlow to E. of Popular, Tn
    Popular to Roane Co. line
    (Insert) Oliver Springs / Roane Co. line
Norfolk Southern Railroad - Abandonded
    Campbell County line to Briceville, Tn / Coal Creek, Tn
    E of Briceville Junction (north)
    (Insert) Briceville
Norfolk Southern Railroad
    Chestnut Ridge W. of Peak
    N. of Peak through Clinton
    (Insert) Clinton
    (Insert) Clinton >N. Of Clinton to OFF UTT
    OFF UTT, Knapp to Lake City
    (Insert) Lake City
    Lake City to Campbell Co. line
Campbell County
Norfolk Southern Railroad
    Buckeye to Poineer, Tn > North 1 mile
CSX Railroad
    Index to Val. Section 90
    Kentucky State Line > S to High Cliff > S 1 mile south
    1 mile South of High Cliff to Holston, Tn
    Holston (Split Mainline) to Hyde & River
    Depot Grounds at Jellico, Tn
    Holton (Split) to Morely, Tn
    South of Morely to 1 mile North of Chaska, Tn
    Chaska > S 1 mile
    Kimberely, Frenso to Habershaun, Tn
    Chadwell, Cotula to Russell Fork, Tn
    Hog Camp Branch to West Bourne, Tn
    Russell Fork to Duff, Tn > S
    Duff to Kilsyth, Tn
    Kilsyth to Roosevelt, Tn
    Kilsyth > South 2 miles
    2 Miles North of LaFollette to LaFollette City Limits
    LaFollette > S 1/2 miles
    South of LaFollette to North of Jacksboro, Tn
    Jacksboro > South 1 mile
    Chesten, Ten > South 1 mile
    1 mile south of Cheston to Vasper, Tn
    North of Disney, Tn to Anderson Co. Line
Norfolk Southern Railroad
    Split Clear Fork Branch CSX @ Arco State Rt 90 - Intersection
    to Thackett Creek East
    Thackett Creek South
    2 miles South Thackett Creek > Southeast
    Claiborne Co. Line
    Anderson Co. Line North
    Vasper N. to Caryville, Tn
    Redashe to Block, Tn
    Turley North 2 miles to Titus, Tn
    Titus Spurse to Blue Diamond Coal Co.
    1 mile N of Pioneer to Elk Valley, Tn (Split)
    Elk Valley NE 3 miles
    3 mile North east Elk Valley to Newcomb, Tn
    OSWEGO to Jellico (Ky ST Line)
    (Insert) Jellico, Tn
    Vasper , Hicks, Tn > North 2 miles
    Jacksboro, Tn > North 1 mile
    Hunter to Lafollette, Tn
    (Insert) LaFollette - South
    (Insert) North LaFollette
    Newcomb >NW 2 miles
Carroll County
CSX Railroad
    Benton Co. Line to Bruceton, Tn
    Hollow Rock (Junction)
    Hollow Rock, Tn
    W. of Hollow Rock > 2 mile west
    1 mile E. of Rosser, Tn > W
    Rosser, Tn > to 1 1/2 mile west
    1 1/2 mile W. of Rosserto E. of Huntington, Tn (Buena Vista Road)
    East Huntingdon - 1 mile to downtown
    (Insert) Huntingdon, Tn
    NW of Huntingdon to 1/2 mile west
    1 1/2 NW of Huntingdon to 1 mile NW
    1 mile So. To Hicoto, Tn to 1/2 mile north
    1/2 mile No. OF Hico to Trabue, Tn
    Trabue to McKenzie, Tn City Limits
CSX Railroad & (Pt.) KWT Railway
    McKenzie to Weakley Co. Line
CSX Railroad
    (Insert) McKenzie, Tn
KWT Railway (old CSX)
    Henry Co. Line > South 1/2 mile
    1/2 mile So. Of Henry Co. Line to N. of Vale, Tn
    N. of Vale > S to W. of Priest Spur Co.
    1/2 mile west of Priest Spur > South 1 mile
    1 mile So. Of Priest Spur > 1 mile No. of Hollow Rock, Tn
    N. of Bruceton to Hollow Rock Junction
    (Insert) Hollow Rock Junction
CSX Railroad - Abandonded
    Abandoned Row So. of Hollow Rock
CSX Railroad
    1 mile So. of Hollow Rock > S 2 miles
    Buena Vista > 2 miles S
    2 miles South of Buena Vista > 2 miles N. of West Port, Tn
    2 miles South West Port to 1/2 mile N. of West Port
    West Port, Tn > So. 1 1/2 miles
    Big Sandy River to Yuma, Tn
    Yuma to 100 yards North of Henderson Co. line
    Henderson Co. line > South 2 miles
CSX Railroad - Abandonded
    (Abandoned Row) - ONLY- this sheet - Henry Co. Line SW 1 mile
CSX Railroad
    McKenzie, Tn> SW 2 miles
    2 miles SW McKenzie to 2 mile N. of Jarrell
    2 miles N. of Jarrell to Jarrell, Tn
    Jarrell to Wingo, Tn
    Wingo to Just N. of Trezevant, Tn
    Trezevant > So. 1 1/2 miles
    1 1/2 miles So. Of Trezevant to just North of Atwood, Tn
    Atwood, Tn to Gibson Co. Line
Cumberland County
CSX Railroad - Abandonded (reverted)
    Putnam Co. Line > E 1 mile
    Dripping Springs, Tn
    Welsh, Tn
    Mayland, Tn
    Campbell Jct., Tn
    1 mile east of Campbell Jct. > 1 mile west
    Pomona Rd. Tn > 1 mile east
    E of Creston,Tn
CSX Railroad / Norfolk Southern Railroad - Abandonded
    2 miles SE of Creston, Tn
Norfolk Southern Railroad - Abandonded
    Crossville, Tn (west end)
    Crossville, Tn
    Crossville, Tn (downtown)
    Crossville, Tn
    Crossville, Tn (southeast end)
    Dayton, Tn
    Dorton, Tn
    Olter Creek, Tn
Lhoist North America of TN, (old) Norfolk Southern Railroad- Harriman & Northeastern RR Co.
    Crab Orchard, Tn
    Crab Orchard, Tn
    E of Crab Orchard > to Renfro, Tn
    Renfro, Tn > E toward Ozone, Tn
    Ozone> E to Mells, Tn
    Waldnesia, Tn to Daysville, Tn
    SE >to Westel, Tn
    Westel at Roane County line > McLean, Tn
Davidson County
CSX Railroad
    State Prison Farm to Ford Glass Plant
    Ford Glass Company
    20th St. to Illinois, Ave
    Richland Creek/Ave Extention
    Illinois Ave to Nashville Div "WYE"
    Terminals to Nashville Division split
    Davidson Co to Obion County- entire line index
    Clamore to 3rd Ave
    Gay Street to Chestnut
    Tenn Central RR (West End Pkwy) to Richland Creek
    White Bridge Road to Harding (Belle Meade)
    Hwy 70 - Hwy 100 split >S 1 Mile
    Percy Warner Park to Vaughn's Gap
    Nashville Division "WYE" to 28th/Centennial
    28th to Clifton > Northeast
    Walnut Street to Pearl Street
    Bellvue, Tn > Hicks, Tn
    Hicks, TN > Harpeth River > E
    Harpeth River > to Newson,Tn
    Harpeth River to Fuller's Siding
    Pegram, Tn > W Davidson Co Line
    8th Ave to Chestnut Avenue
    Merit Blvd to Craighead St.
    Berry Hills, Tn >to Thompson Ln > E
    Sidco Drive > Farrell Pkwy
    Regent Drive to Franklin Pike South
    South > Brentwood to Wilson Pike
    Spruce Ave to Chestnut Street
    Cherry St. & Humphreys
    4th Street > Browns Creek > 1 mile East
    Tutwiler to Glenrose Street
    Glenrose > SE
    Glencliff Mill Creek /Thompson Lane
    Mt. View > SE
    Rinbro, Tn to Rutherford Co Line
    Tutwiler to Murfreesboro Pike
    Milton over Mill Creek to Elm Hill Pike & I-40
    Nolensville Pike
    Antioch Pike > Nolensville Pike
    Radnor Yard
    Mill Creek > Danley, Tn
    Curry Rd > Cross Mile Creek US Hwy. 70
    Mimms,Tn > Richard Jones Rd > South
    Antioch Tn >2 miles East
    Index Map - Entire Line
    Amqui to Goodlestville, Tn
    Goodlestville to Interstate I-65(N)
    Goodlettesville, Tn
    Mansker Creek >- N 1 mile
    Bakers, Tn > 1 mile N
    Ridgetop, Tn
    Sumner Co. Line to Monfort, Tn
    Monfort > Barbee to Amqui, Tn
    Madison > Due West
    Ben Allen Rd to Douglas Ave
    Mile End to Evanston St.
    Douglas St. to Evanston St.
    Dickerson St. to Berry St.
    Whiteside St. to Jefferson St.to 1st Ave North
    8th & Taylor to Burns Ave.
    Evanston Ave. - Marina St.
    Foster Ave. - Cumberland River
    Main St. Woodland to Benedict St.
    Duncan St. to 6th St.
    Cumberland River to Gay St. (Joe Johnson)
    Cedar & Church St. to Gleaves St.
    Union Station (Charlotte to Gleaves St.)
    Gleaves Street & Spruce Street
    Cedar Street to Gleaves Street
Nashville & Eastern Railroad Authority
    Stanley Street > E to L & N RR
    Cumberland River to >Five Points to Vine Hill
    Hill St to Nolensville Pike
    Stanley Street to Trimble
    Lime St to Stanley Street
    Downtown @ 1st St.> E
    Lime St to Stanley
    Mill Creek > 2 miles E
    West Harding, Tn to Donelson, Tn
    Donelson to Stones River
    Stones River to Lebanon Pkwy
    Lebanon Pkwy > Hadley Bend E.
    Hadley Bend Rd to Old Hickory Blvd.
    Dupont >1 Mile N
    Dupont Plant > N
    Tenn Central/Dupont Yard
    Stoners Creek > Hermitage, Tn > 1 Mile E.
    Stoners Creek to Tulip Grove, Tn
CSX Railroad
    Maplewood > Gallatin Pkwy to Litton Ave
    Litton Save to Bradford Ave
    Porter St to Cumberland River
    Cumberland River to Lebanon Pkwy to Murfreesboro Rd.
    Cole Ave to Nolensville Pkwy
    Nolensville Pike
    Gallatin Pkwy to Bradford St.
    Cruzen/Newsom St to Radnor
    Radnor Yard
    Radnor Yard
    Thompson Lane/Kraft Drive
    Radnor Yard/Sidco Drive
    Radnor Yard /Manson Road
    Radnor Yard/Elysian Fields
    Radnor Yard
    Radnor Yard
    33rd St to Charlotte Pike 28th St > N
    Charlotte Pike to 28th >NE to Clifton Ave to Benson Ave
    Benson Ave to Harding St to Morena St
    21st St/Albion St >NW to Bosley Pike > NW across creek
    Harding St to Jefferson St to Heiman St
    Heiman St >NW to Buchanan St
    Hyde's Ferry Pike across Cumberland River
    Hyde's Ferry Pike (Buchanan St) to Cumberland River
    Heiman St >NW to Buchanan St
    Clifton Pike to 19th Ave to 14th Ave
    19th Ave to 12th Ave
    12th Ave >East to 4th Ave to 1st Ave
    14th Ave to 10th Ave to 4th Ave
    2nd Ave / Whiteside > Northwest to Van Buren St
    Jefferson St at Cumberland River >North to Burns & McGavock
    Hyde's Ferry Pike N to Riverside
    County Hospital Rd to TVA power lines
    Whites Creek > West to Jordonia, Tn > W 1 mile
    Stewarts Lane >Westerly
    Hyde's Ferry Pike Crossing to Sulfur Creek Rd
    Scottsboro, Tn (Old Hickory Blvd) > W to McHenry, TN & Cumberland River
    Cheatham County Line
Franklin County
CSX Railroad
    Corporate limits of Tullahoma, Tn > 2 miles S
    2 miles S. of Tullahoma > 4 miles S
    6 miles South of Tullahoma to Estill Springs,Tn
    1/4 mile S. Estill Springs > 2 miles South Estill Springs, Tn
    2 miles South of Estill Springs to 2 miles North of Deckerd, Tn
    North of Decherd, Tn
    Corp. Limits of Decherd to 2 miles South of Decherd Corp. Limits (coincides with previous map)
    2 miles south of Decherd Corp. Limits to 4 miles SW of Decherd Corp. Limits
    4 miles South of Decherd Corp. Limits to Cowan, Tn
    (coincides with previous map) through 1/2 mile southeast of Cowan, Tn
    1/2 mile southeast of Cowan line to I mile southeast of Cowan (coincides w/ previous.)
    1 mile southeast of Cowan line > to 2 miles South of Cowan line
    1 mile Southeast of Cowan to Rockedge line > to I mile southeast
    1 mile southeast of Rockedge line to 3 miles southeast of Rockledge line
    3 miles southeast of Rockedge line to 5 miles southeast of Rockedge line
    5 miles southeast Rockedge line to Mountain Ave. in Sherwood, Tn through 1 mile southeast of Mountain ave.
    1 mile southeast of Mountain Ave to Crow Creek > I mile south of Crow Creek
    1 mile south of Crow Creek through 3 miles south of Crow Creek to Creo. Conc. Ballast Deck Bridge
    I mile south of Ballast Deck bridge to the Tennessee/Alabama State line
    Chattanooga Division "WYE" to Winchester, Tn city limits
    1/2 m. SW of Winchester City Limits> 2 miles SW
    Winchester city limits through 1 1/2 miles SW
    1 1/2 miles southwest of Winchester city limits to Kasserman, Tn > 1 mile southwest
    1 mile southwest of Kasserman, Tn to Belvidere Tn> 1 mile SW
    1 mile southeast of Belvidere, Tn to Maxwell, Tn
    Maxwell, Tn > to 2 miles SW
    2 miles southwest of Maxwell, Tn to Beans Creek, Tn to Huntland, Tn
    Huntland TN > to 2 miles W
    2 miles southwest of Huntland, Tn to the Franklin Co. / Lincoln Co. line, through a 1/2 mile SW
CSX Railroad - Abandonded
    1/2 mile southwest of Franklin/ Lincoln line to 2 miles west of Franklin/ Lincoln Co. line
    2 miles west of Franklin / Lincoln Co. line to 4 miles west of Franklin / Lincoln Co. line
    4 miles west of Franklin / Lincoln Co. line to St. Mary's Convent/ School in St. Mary's
    St. Mary's, Tn > to 2 miles NW to Sewanee, Tn
    Sewanee TN to 1 1/4 miles NW to St. Andrews, Tn
    St. Andrews,Tn to 1/2 mile NW to the Franklin/ Grundy Co. line to 1 mile NW
Gibson County
IRW Railway, LLC
    4 miles north to Humbolt, Tn
    station map - enlarged view of previous map
    3 1/2 miles > N to Fruitland, Tn
    coincides with previous map (Fruitland, Tn)
    4 miles > N to Fruitland, Tn
    Trenton, Tn > 3 miles to Trenton, Tn
    station map- coincides with the following map.
    Grizzard, Tn > to 4 miles north to Dyer, Tn
    Dyer, Tn > to 4 miles N
    station map -tracks and structures - coincides with previous map
    station map - coincides with previous map
    Rutherford, Tn > 3 miles N
    station map - coincides with previous map
West Tennnessee Railroad
    Milan city limits > 1 mile N
    1 mile N of Milan to Cades, Tn
    Cades, Tn
    Cades Tn >2 Miles N
    Idelwild, Tn > N 1 Mile
    Idlewild, Tn
    Idlewild, Tn to Bradford Tn >1/2 mile N
    Bradford, Tn
    Madison Co. line to Medina, Tn >1 mile
    3 miles north of Medina, Tn > to West, Tn
    West Tn Station Grounds
    Sitka, Tn> 2 miles N
    Sitka, Tn
    Sitka, Tn to Milan, Tn > N
    Milan, Tn
CSX Railroad
    Carroll County line > SW 1 mile
    Milan, Tn > SW 1 mile
    "WYE" S to Hwy 76 (Austin Peay Hwy)
    Milan, Tn (SW Downtown) to Focum, TN > SW 1 mile
    SW of Milan, Tn > SW 2 miles to Sanders Road / Bogle Fork
    Bogle Loop Rd >SW to NE Gibson City limits
    Gibson, Tn SW city limits to Chandler Rd
    Chandler Rd > SW 2 miles
    Madden Rd @ Gatewood, Tn > SW to Humbolt, Tn (18th St)
    Humbolt, Tn Jackson St to "M&O WYE" to Penn St
    SW Humbolt, Tn to Crockett County Line
West Tennnessee Railroad
    Medina, Tn
Hamilton County
Norfolk Southern Railroad
    Rossville Georgia Line to Rossville Ave.
Norfolk Southern Railroad ( leases to Chattanooga & Chickamauga Railway)
    Rossville Blvd/46th St. to 37th Street.
    "Wye" 17th & Devine to Royal Hookers Rd
    East End Ave @ Union to Highland Ave
    37th Street to Doyle/Clifton Street
    Cummins Yard
    Doyle/Clifton St. to Dobbs/Patten St.
    Missionary Ave(23rd) to Main Street
Norfolk Southern Railroad
    Downtown- East End to Market Street
    Ooltewah Jct to Wooten, Tn
    Appison, TN to Howardville, Tn
Norfolk Southern Railroad ( leases to Chattanooga & Chickamauga Railway)
    42nd Street to 48th Street
Norfolk Southern Railroad
    10th St. to Georgia Ave.
    Rhea County Line South to Sale Creek
    Coulterville, Tn > South 1 mile
    1 mile S of Coulterville to Sale Creek, Tn
    Sale Creek, Tn> 2 miles south
    Bakewell, Tn > 2 miles south
    2 miles S. of Bakewell to Big Soddy Creek
    Rathburn, Tn >1 1/ 2 miles south
CSX Railroad
    Chattanooga Creek / Tennessee River to St. Elmo
    Craven Yard (Central Ave) to Rust Street >S
    Central Ave to East End & 43rd Street
    East End Ave (Hooker Rd)> S. to Chestnut
    Landers St. to Church St. - Main St.
    East End ( Main) to Georgia State Line
    Etna Mines, Tn> East 2 miles
    Georgia State line @ Summit /Hooker Georgia
    Hooker, Georgia along Georgia State line > 1 mile
    Georgia State line > North 2 miles
    N. of Georgia state line to Wauhatchie yard
    N. of Georgia state line to Wauhatchie yard
    Wauhatchie yard
    Wauhatchie yard > North 1 mile
    North of Wauhatchie yard to Wauhatchie Pike
    Wauhatchie, Tn to Lookout Creek
    Wauhatchie, Tn to Lookout Creek
    Lookout Creek to Tennessee River & tunnell
    Georgia State line > N 1/2 mile
    1/2 miles N. of Georgia State line > N. 2 miles
    Chickamauga Creek to Worley, Tn> 1/2 mile N.
    Chickamauga, Tn to Shallowford Road
    Chickamauga Creek to Tyner, Tn to Bonnie Oaks Drive
    Hwy 153 > E 1 mile
    Kings Bridge, Tn to Boyce, Tn
    Boyce, Tn (Wilder Ave) to Riverside Drive
    Citco Ave, Shallowford Ave to East End (National Cemetary)
    Citco Ave to East Third Street
    SE of Citco Yard to East End (Central Ave)
    Central Ave (East End) to Market & 9th Street
    Central Ave (East End) to King/Market Street
    E. of 19th to (Market St area) & 9th Street
    E. of 19th to (Market St area) & 9th Street
    Tennessee River/Chattanooga Creek to Cravens yard
    Craven Yard
    N. end Craven Yard to (I-24) to W. 19th Street (Henry)
    E. of 19th to (Market St area) & 9th Street
    Missionary Ave to 12th Ave (Tennessee River)
    Missionary Ave to 12th Ave (Tennessee River)
    12th Ave to Tn River
    12th Ave to Tn River (Spur)
Norfolk Southern Railroad
    Citco Yard
    Elmendorf (4th) Ave to Crutchfield St.
    Crutchfield St. to Wilson St.
    Riverside Drive & Amnicola Hwy
    Citco Yard
    Citco Yard
    Riverside Drive & Amnicola Hwy
    Citco Yard
    E. of Citco yard to 5th Street
    E. of Citco yard to Central Ave to Magnolia St.
    Montague to Market St to 20th Street
    Carter St to TN River & Water Street
    Tenn Bridge to Chattanooga Traction (Dayton Pike)
    "Wye" Citico Junction> SE
    Hwy 58 to Jersey, Tn (Jersey Pike)
    Citico Yard - East End (South end of yard)
    Citico Yard - West End (South end of yard)
    2 miles N of Soddy Daisey > S. 2 miles
    Daisey to Montlake, Tn
    S. of Montlake to Chickamauga Creek
    Cave Springs to Chickamauga Creek
    2 miles south of Cave Springs, Tn > N. of Hixon, TN
    Hixson, Tn > S. 2 miles
    TennBridge to TN River to Wilder Street
    Spur west to Amnacola Hwy
    South Chickamauga Creek to 5th Ave
    Spur between 8th & 9th to Amnacola Hwy
    Wilson St .to Citico Dr. to E. 3rd Street
    Crutchfield St. to Jefferson St. to Tinker St.
Norfolk Southern Railroad - Abandonded
    Chamberlain St. to Autry St.
    Bragg St. to Orchard Knob to Sholar Ave.
Norfolk Southern Railroad
    Sholar St. to Dodson St. to Glass Street
    Citico Yard, Shallowford Ave to East 3rd St.
    Douglas St. / Riverside Drive to Wiehl St.
    1st St / Riverside Drive along Tn River
    West 12th St. to West 22nd St.
    West 22nd St to West 26th St.& Wye
    St. Elmo St. to S. of Long St.
    Chattanooga Creek to "Wye" to 33rd Street
    Linden St./ Alton Park to W. 48th St.
Norfolk Southern Railroad - Leases to Chattanooga & Chickamuga Railroad Company
    W. 48th St. / Slayton Ave. to Lee & Chattanooga Creek
Norfolk Southern Railroad
    Carl Ave to Wilson Road to Chattanooga Creek
    W. 47th St to "Wye" to Georgia State Line
    Forrest Hills Cemetary
    St. Elmo St. to Old Mt Rd.
    Market Street to Main Street
    Lindsey St to Fairview St
Norfolk Southern Railroad - Abandonded
    National Cemetary > Main St. to E. 23rd St.
    Duncan St. to Anderson St to Osage St.
    Holly St to Dodds Ave/13th St
    E. 14th St to E. 25th St
    E. 28th St to E. 39th St
    39th St to Walthall Ave / "Wye"
    31st St to E. 42nd St
    Central Ave to E. 30th St
    E. 4th St/ Lyerly St to N. Greenwood St & "Wye"
Norfolk Southern Railroad
    Riverside Drive & Harrison (E 3rd St)
    Citco Ave to East Third Street
Norfolk Southern Railroad - Abandonded
    Chestnut St ("Wye") to W. 13th St
    Lookout Creek to Georgia State Line
Norfolk Southern Railroad
    Manufactures Rd to Market St.
    Manufactures Rd
    Valley Junction, TVA Plant
    Baylor School > South 1/2 mile
    Hwy 27 > S. Suck Creek Road
    Suck Creek Road / Hwy 27 to A St.
    Hwy 27 to Hilldale
Norfolk Southern Railroad - Abandonded
    Stringer Branch
Norfolk Southern Railroad
    Spring Road to TVA Tn Electric Plant
    Tn Bridge > S. 2 miles
    Bradley County line - Mineral Park/McDonald, Tn
    Ooltewah Jct, TN >SW 1 mile
    Summitt, Tn to Tyner, Tn
    W. of Tyner to McCarty, Tn
    W. of McCarty, Tn > West
Norfolk Southern Railroad - Abandonded
    Sherman Oaks/Chamberlain Ave. to Eagan
Norfolk Southern Railroad
    Bragg St. to Orchard Knob to Sholar Ave.
    Wilson St. to Cleveland Street
    Blackford St. to 3rd to E. Eight St.
    9th St to King St.& Lindsay St.
    Spears St to Long St to Hooker Rd ( 37th)
    Doak/Wauhatchie Pkwy to Tn River & Lookout Mt. Pkwy
    Lookout Mt. Pkwy to Lookout Creek & Tn River
    Chat. Choo Choo area- Main/Central/Stanton St.
    Chat. Choo Choo area- Main & Market St.
Hardeman County
Illinois Central Railroad -Mississippi/Tenn RR
    Mississippi State line to Lee, Tn > N 1 mile
    Middleton, Tn > 1 miles north
    Middleton, Tn
Illinois Central Railroad - Abandonded
    Lacy, Tn > N 2 miles
    Serles, Tn / Hatchie River > N 1 mile
    Hornsby, Tn to Hooper, Tn
    N. of Hooper, Tn to Silerton, Tn to Pinetop, Tn
CSX Railroad - Abandonded
    Haywood/Madison County line >Hatchie, TN SW
    Vildo, Tn > SW 1 miles
    Hickory Creek to Augustus, Tn
    SW of Augustus, Tn > 2 miles
    Whiteville, Tn
    S. of Whiteville, TN to Fayette Co. line
Norfolk Southern Railroad
    McNairy Co Line to E of Pocahontas
    Pocahontas, Tn > W 1 mile
    Middleton, Tn > 1 miles west
    Rogers Springs, Tn > W 1 mile
    1 mile W of Rogers Springs > 2 miles W
    Saulsbury, TN > W 1 mile
    1 mile W of Saulsbury to Grand Junction, Tn
    Grand Junction, Tn / Fayette Co line.
Illinois Central Railroad / Mississippi Central RR
    Grand Junction, Tn / Fayette Co line.>N
    Grand Junction Downtown
    Grand Junction Downtown
Illinois Central Railroad / Hardeman RR Co.- Abandonded
    N. of Grand Junction to Temple, Tn > N
    N. of Temple, TN to Hickory Valley, Tn to Duryea, TN
    Duryea, Tn > N 2 miles Middleburg, TN
    Middleburg, Tn > N 2 miles
    2 miles N of Middleburg, Tn > N. 2 miles
    Bolivar, Tn to the Hatchie River
    Congar, Tn to W Shandy, Tn > North
    N of Shandy, Tn to Toone, Tn
    Toone, Tn
    N of Toone, Tn > N 2 miles
    Teaugue, Tn
Henry County
Knox County
CSX Railroad
    Anderson Co. Line > SW 1 mile
    Hwy 62 > SE
    SE of Hwy 62 to Beaver Creek
    Karnes Industrial Park
    Byington, Tn > SE 1 mile
    SE of Byington to Meadowbrook
    Ball Camp Pike > SE to Amherst
    Amherst, Tn > SE to "WYE" (I-75)
    Middlebrook Drive and Casey Drive - Spur
    I-40 intersection
    Croydon, Tn Middlebrook Pike to Liberty Street
    Middlebrook Pike & Liberty Street to University Ave
    Orange Ave, Clinton Pike to Tennessee Ave & Stonewall St.
    Ailor Ave to Kingston Pike> SE
    Rose Ave to Tennessee River & 17th Street
    15th Street , Main St, Clinch St to Western Ave
    21st St, Fort Saunders Ave to Oak St
    Oak St & Chamberlain to Baxter St
    Tennessee River S to Vestal and Kingsley
    Tennessee River @ Maloney Ave/Blount Ave
    Maryville Pike > S 1 mile
    Welwyn, Tn to Topside
Norfolk Southern Railroad
    1st Creek & Washington Ave N to Boone St
    Caswell Ave W to Magnolia Ave to Lanier St
    Morgan St W to Central St to I -40 to 13th St
    15th St to Fort Sanders to 23rd St
    L & N RR S to Kingston Pkwy ( Cumberland)
    W 5th Ave to Bernard Ave to Oklahoma Ave
    Coster Yard - closed
    Coster Yard - closed > South
    "WYE" - N of Coster Yard - closed
    Clinch Ave across Tennessee River to Hawthorne
    Tennessee River @ "Wye" 15th St
    Tennessee River to Third Creek & Terrace Ave
    Middlebrook Ave to Western Ave to Tennessee Ave
    Western Ave to Stonewall St to Sheridan St
    N Central Ave to Pershing St to Hiawassee Ave
    Hawthorne Ave to Maryville Pike
Knox County Railroad Authority
    Chapman Highway E to Davenport to Lincoln St
    Island Home to South Haven
    Island Home to Gilbert Lane / Belvedere Ave
    SE of Belvedere to Tennessee River
Knoxville & Holston River Railroad Company
    Henley St to Central St to McCamon St
    Riverside Drive E to Williams Creek
    1 mile E of Williams Creek along Tennessee River
    3 miles E of Williams Creek along Tennessee River
    Holston River E 1 mile
    1 mile W of Holston River > E 1 mile
Knox County Railroad Authority
    1 mile E of Holston River > E 2 miles
Knoxville & Holston River Railroad Company
    old marble quarry
    "WYE" @ Michigan Ave E to Woodland/Freemont St
    Woodland/Freemont St E to 14th St to Crockett St
Norfolk Southern Railroad
    Beverly, Tn > NE 2 miles
    Beverly, Tn , Huron St to Broadway (Tazwell Pike)
    Rita, Tn > NW 1 mile
    Maloneyville, Tn > N 1 mile
    Corryton, Tn to the Union County line
    Coster Yard N to Inskip, Black Oak & Dante, TN
    Powell, Tn to Copper Ridge, Tn > NW
    Tank, Tn to Heiskell, Tn > West
    Peak, Tn to Anderson County Line
    Maryville Pike (& Martin Mill Pkwy)> S 1 mile
    Mt. Olive, Tn to Crenshaw, Tn to Blount Co. Line
    Spur to Marble Quarry
    Bearden, Tn > to Loudon Co line
    Liberty St to Portland St.
    Cedar St to Tober Lane
    Kingston Pike to Dixie Hwy
    Kingston Pike & Gore St.
    Wright, Tn to Ebenezer, Tn
    Ebenezer, Tn > 4 miles SW
    Concord, Tn to Boyd, Tn
    Concord, Tn to Boyd, Tn
    Martel, Tn to Loudon County Line
    Jefferson County Line /Strawberry Plains
    Strawberry Plains, Tn
    W of Strawberry Plains to Mascot, Tn > 3 miles W.
    Mascot, Tn
    1 mile W of Mascot, Tn. to Flat Creek> W 1 mile
    Robertson Creek > W 1 mile
    McMillan, Tn > W 1 mile
    Sevier Yard - East end
    Sevier Yard - Middle
    Sevier Yard - West end
    Hwy 11W & I-640 to Rutledge Pike
    Rutledge Pike to Hardin St
    "Wye" at Beverly, Tn from Coster and Sevier Yard
    Millertown Pike/I640 > SW to Knoxville/Bristol "WYE"
Madison County
Illinois Central Railroad - Abandonded
    "WYE" to M & O Jct
    Hardeman County Line to Medon, Tn
    Medon, Tn
    N of Medon, Tn to Medon Creek >N 2 miles
    2 miles N of Medon to Malesus, Tn
    Malesus, Tn
    Malesus, Tn to Bemis, Tn
    Bemis, Tn @ A Street to 6th Street
    Bemis, Tn @ "WYE" to Frogmoor Yard
    Frogmoor Yard @ Forked Deer River
Illinios Central Railroad
    Highland to Sycamore St to Islen Yard
Illinois Central Railroad - Abandonded
    N of Iselin Yard Lane Ave to Liberty Street
    Bemis, Tn > North to Frogmoor, Tn to "WYE" Islen Yard
    "WYE" S of Iselin Yard through yard to Downtown
    Islen Yard to Highland/Farrar Street (Downtown Jackson)
    Highland St to Deaderick to Lane St
    North Jackson to Lawrence, Tn
    Lawrence, Tn
    Lawrence, Tn > 2 miles North
    Oakfield, Tn > N 1 mile
    Oakfield, Tn > N 1 mile
    Rutherford Fork Obion River to Gibson Co Line
    "WYE" @ Bolivar St to Airways Blvd > 1 mile NW
    Jackson @ Wye to Airways Blvd.
    NW of Airways Blvd > 2 Miles NW
    I-40 intersection > NW 2 miles
    2 miles NW of I-40 > W 2 miles White Oak, Tn
    Pearson, Tn > W 2 miles
    Roberts, Tn > W 1 mile
    Crockett Co. Line
Norfolk Southern Railroad
    Chester County Line to Pinson, Tn>N
    Pinson, Tn
    N of Pinson, Tn > N 2 miles
    Perry, Tn to Iselin Yard
    South Forked Deer River to Iselin
    Sand Branch/Eastern Ave to Madison St
    Iselin Yard
    Eastern Ave to Chester St North
    Downtown Jackson
    Chester St to Preston St
    Baltimore St to Preston St
    N Jackson to Gilmore, Tn > N 1 mile
    Carroll, Tn > N 2 miles
    2 miles N of Carroll. Tn to Crockett, Tn
Illinois Central Railroad - Abandonded
    Chester County Line to Parksburg, Tn
    Mandy, Tn > N 2 miles
    Jackson Deanburg Road to Bemis
    Bemis @ "WYE" N
    Bemis @ "WYE" East M & O / G M & N Connector
    South Jackson -Forked Deer River > N "WYE"
    "WYE" to CSX connector to Bolivar St & Main St
CSX Railroad - Abandonded
    Henderson Co Line to beech Bluff > W 1 mile
    1 mile W of Beech Bluff, Tn to Ranger, Tn
    W of Ranger, Tn > W 2 miles
    2 miles W of Ranger, Tn > W 2 miles
    Rose Hill, Tn W to Miflin Road > W 1 mile
    Phillips Creek to Jackson City Limits
CSX Railroad
    "WYE" @ M & O RR to Lancaster St
    Liberty St to I C RR crossing to Riverside Drive & City Limits
    Spur to Beech Bluff Road > NE
    Cotton Grove to Factories A Airways Blvd
    Factories near Airport to Forked Deer River
    Forked Deer River to Boone Road to Red Lane
    Burkett, Tn > Sw to "WYE" @Betty Manley Rd > SW 1 mile
    Spur N to old Hwy 70 to New Hwy 70 >N
    N of Hwy 70 to Lower Brownsville Road
CSX Railroad - Abandonded
    Denmark Road SW to Grover, Tn > SW
    Betty Manley Road SW to Neeley, Tn
    Denmark, Tn > SW 1 mile
    Mercer, Tn to Haywood County Line
Maury County
Montgomery County
R J Corman Railroad
    Kentucky State Line > Sw 1 mile Port Royal Road
    to 2 miles S of Port Royal Rd
    Beldon, Tn > SW 2 miles
    Dudleys, Tn > SW 1 mile
    St. Bethelem, Tn > SW 1 mile
    Princeton Jct, Tn to Red River
    Northwest Clarksville, Tn @ BF Goodrich Tire
    2nd St to 10th St
    2nd St to 10th St
    W of 10th St > SW to Cumberland River
    1st St to Water St
    1st St to Water St
    Cumberland River > SW 2 miles
    2 miles SW of Cumberland River > SW 2 miles
    4 miles SW of Cumberland to Steeles, Tn
    Steeles, Tn > SW 2 miles
    Hematite, Tn > SW 2 miles
    Palmyra, Tn SW along river 2 miles
    Carbondale, Tn SW 2 miles
    2 miles SW of Carbondale, Tn > SW 2 miles
    Cumberland River crossing to Sailors Rest, Tn
    Stewart County Line
Illinois Central Railroad - Abandonded
    Cheatham County Line &Cumberland River / Hinton, Tn > North
    Shelton, Tn > N along Cumberland River
    Hickory Point, Tn > NW along Cumberland River
    Gholson, Tn > NW 1 mile
    Spalding, Tn to Gratton, Tn
    N of Gratton to Paradise Hill Road
    (Summit, Tn) SW Clarksville, Tn @Thompson Ln to Gracy St.
    "WYE" @ Kelly Ln Summit, Tn W to Central Ave
    Gracey Ave to Cumberland Ave to High St
    Greenwood St to Spring St to McClure St
    Blackwood St to Main St to Jefferson, St along Riverside Dr
    Spring St to Red River > N to Adairville, Tn
    Spring St @ McClure to Hwy 41A to Red River
    Furnace Spur to Red River Furnace & Franklin St / L & N RR
    Furnace Spur /Red River - Kraft St to River St
    Furnace Spur / Red River Hwy 13 to Franklin St
    West Fork Red River > North
    Pollard Ford Rd > N 1 mile
    Kenwood, Tn > N 2 miles
    Little West Fork River to Ringold, Tn
    Edgoten, TN "WYE" to Kentucky State Line
    Edgoten, TN "WYE"
CSX Railroad
    Robertson County Line > NW 1 mile
    Kentucky State Line / Montgomery County Line
Polk County
CSX Railroad
    McMinn County line > South
    Delano, Tn > SW 2 miles
    SW of Delano to Conasauga Creek
    Patty, Tn & Hiawassee River
    Bowater Spur
    Bowater Spur to Bradley County Line
    Patty, Tn to Hiawassee River > SW 1 mile
    Benton, Tn > SW 1 miles
    1 mile SW of Benton > SW 2 miles
    2 miles N of Ocoee, Tn to N City Limits
    Ocoee, Tn US Hwy 64 to Chester Creek to Old Fort Area
    S of Old Fort Area> S 2 miles
    Old Fort, Tn > S 2 miles to Old Swan Rd
    Bill Howard Rd South to Browder Rd
    Conasauga River to Conasauga, TN to Georgia State Line
Overhill Heritage Railroad Association
    McMinn County @ Delano, Tn > S
    Wetmore, Tn @ Spring Creek Rd > SE
    Austral, Tn > E along Hiawassee River to Oswald Done
    Hambright, Tn > along Hiawassee River > E
    Reliance, Tn crossing Hiawassee River to Probst, Tn
    Hiawassee, Tn > E along Hiawassee River 2 miles
    2 miles E of Hiawassee, Tn > E along Hiawassee River 2 miles
    4 miles E of Hiawassee, Tn > E along Hiawassee River 2 miles
    6 miles E of Hiawassee, Tn > E along Hiawassee River to McFarland, Tn
    2 miles E to McFarland, Tn> E along Hiawassee River 2 miles
    4 miles E to McFarland, Tn> E along Hiawassee River 2 miles
    Hiawassee Loop (Hook & Eye)
    Mountain Y Spur S of Hiawassee Loop
    Farner, Tn SW 1 mile
    Turtletown Jct, Tn > SW 1 mile
    1 mile SW of Turtletown > SW 2 mile
    1 mile N of Harbuck, Tn > SW 1 mile
    Stansbury, Tn > S 1 mile
    Ducktown, Tn > S 1 mile
    U S Hwy 74 > S 1 mile to Ocoee River
    1 mile N of Copperhill, Tn to Copperhill, Tn
    to Copperhill, Tn @ "WYE" & Copperhill Yard
    Copperhill, Tn to Georgia State line
Roane County
Norfolk Southern Railroad
    Morgan County Line >SW to Emory River
    Emory River to Emory Gap, Tn
    Emory Gap, Tn to I-40 > SW 1 mile
    1 mile SW to Cardiff, Tn > SW
    split with Tennessee RR Co. -Caney Creek to Tennessee River
    SW of Cardiff, Tn > SW 2 miles
    Rockwood, Tn
    SW of Rockwood, Tn along Turnpike Creek
    SW city limits of Rockwood, Tn > SW 1 mile
    Glen Alice, Tn to Rhea County line
    Anderson County Line / Poplar, Tn
    Oliver Springs, Tn at "WYE" to Morgan County
    Scandlyn, Tn & Hwy 61> Sw 1 mile
    Blair, Tn & Hwy 61 ( Spur to K-25 Plant) > SW to Elverton, Tn
Heritage Railroad Corp. (Oak Ridge-Heritage Railroad Authority)
    S from Elverton, Tn 4 miles to Oak Ridge Atomic Plant
Norfolk Southern Railroad
    De Armond, Tn > SW 1 mile
    to Harriman, Tn to Harriman Jct, Tn
    Harriman, Tn
    Harriman Jct, Tn
Cumberland County Railroad Authority - leases to Franklin Industrial Materials - (Old Norfolk Southern)
    Western city limits Rockwood, TN > NE 1 mile
    Rockwood, Tn > NE 1 mile
    Black Hollow Rd/ E city limits > NE 1 mile
    Cardiff, Tn > NE 2 miles
    2 miles NE to Emory Gap, Tn
    Emory Gap, Tn to "WYE"
    to South Harriman "WYE" to Emory River to Harriman, Tn
Norfolk Southern Railroad
    Harriman, Tn at "WYE
    Harriman, Tn East along Emory River- Virginia St to Wing St
    "WYE" at V60A/8 East along Emory River
    "WYE" at V60A/8 East along Emory River
    North along Emory River to Webster, Tn
    De Armond, Tn > N to Morgan County line
CSX Railroad
    Anderson County Line >E 1 mile
    Harriman, Tn @ "WYE" Cumberland St to Carter St
    Oliver Springs, Tn at "WYE" to Morgan County
Shelby County
Illinios Central Railroad
    Beale Street > South to Georgia Ave YARD
    Georgia Ave S to Crump Blvd to Dakota Ave
    Clamored to Trigg Ave to Kerr Ave "WYE"
    South to Florida Ave to Horn Lake Rd
    Horn Lake Rd to Mallory Ave to Nonconnah Creek
    Horn Lake Rd to Mallory Ave
    West to Mississippi River
    West to Cypress Creek to Nonconnah Creek
    West Jct, Tn @ Ensley, Tn @ Horn Lake Chute > S 2 mile
    Darwin, Tn > S to Mississippi State Line
    Woodstock, Tn > N 1 mile
    Lucy, Tn > N 1 mile
    Big Creek to Millington, Tn > N 1 mile
    N of Millington to Kerrville, Tn >N
    Woodstock, Tn > S 1 mile
    Felts, Tn > S 1 mile
    Frayser, Tn
    Wolf River South to Wye off Thomas Ave
    Pear Ave to 7th St to 2nd St
Illinois Central Railroad - Abandonded
    7th St to 2nd St > South to North Yard ( North End)
    South End of North Yard to Henry Ave
    Union Ave to Beale St to Carolina Ave
    "WYE" N of Virginia Ave >South to South Yard to McLemore Ave
Illinios Central Railroad
    over Wolf River to Henning Island
    North Yard @ Front St to Auction Ave
    Concord to Union Ave
    Beale Street > South to North Yard- Defunct
    Georgia Ave North Yard- Defunct to South Yard
    South end of Yard to Split at Trigg Ave to Kerr Ave
    Kerr to Person Ave between Lathan & Rayburn
    Gage to Mallory Ave >South to "WYE" to River
    Kansas St to Horn Lake Rd/Florida Rd West to RR
    East Railroad Ave @ Prospect to Lauderdale & Bodley
    West Railroad Ave to Horn Lake/Florida
    West Railroad Ave to Mississippi River
    "WYE" to Nonconnah Creek
    Johnson/Nonconnah Yard - East end
    Johnson/Nonconnah Yard - West end
    South of Johnson Yard
    Poplar Ave @ CSX split SW to Norfolk Southern split to Trezvant Ave
    SW > Lamar Ave to Burlington Northern split to Hernando Rd
    Split at Western Johnson (Nonconnah) Yard
    Southeast of 'WYE" at Johnson Yard S to Prospect Ave
    South of "WYE" at Johnson Yard to Brooks Ave to Raines, Tn > South
    Raines Blvd to Shelby to Holmes to Mississippi State line
    Woodstock, Tn @ split > South 1 mile
    Nenie, Tn > S 2 miles
    1 mile N of Chelsea Ave to Leewood, Tn ( Yard)
    Leewood, Tn- Yard - Union Ave to Poplar Ave to Concord Ave
    Beale Ave to Calhoun Ave to Georgia Ave
CSX Railroad
    Leewood Yard
    Fayette County Line W 1 mile
    Arlington, Tn >SW 1 mile
    1 mile SW of Arlington, Tn > SW 2 miles
    3 miles SW of Arlington, Tn to NE of Brunswick Rd
    Brunswick Rd >SW 1 mile
    1 mile SW of Brunswick Rd > SW to Bartlett
    Bartlett Tn > SW
    Bartlett, Tn to Altruria, TN
    Stage Rd & Covington Pike to Cedar Grove, Tn
    Wolf River to just NE of Leewood Yard
    E of Leewood Yard to Park Ave
    Warford Ave W to Hollywood St
    Spur South to Jackson to Summer Ave > South
    Broad St to Poplar Ave
    S of Poplar Ave to split with Illinois Central RR
CSX Railroad - Abandonded
    Spring St West to University Blvd
    McLean Blvd to Stonewall Place
    Watkins St to Bellevue Blvd to Decatur
    Ayers to Jackson Ave > West
    North Memphis - Second St to Front St/Wolf River
    Huling St & Tennessee St @ Bluff City Belt Line split to Beale, Union & Jefferson St
    Vacant Yard between Huling & Tennessee to Georgia
CSX Railroad
    Fayette County Line W 1 mile
    Eades, Tn > W 2 miles
    2 miles W of Eades, Tn > W 2 miles
    Lenow,Tn > SW 1 mile
CSX Railroad - Abandonded
    SW of Lenow to Macon Rd > SW
    Cordova, Tn > W 1 mile
    W of Cordova to Clay, Tn > W 1 mile
    Shelby Farms, Tn > W 1 mile
    Summer & Mendenhal Rd > W 2 miles
    Graham Rd > W to Memphis, Tn
    Tillman St to Highland Ave to High Point Terrace
CSX Railroad
    Poplar Ave to Union Avery St
    Tanglewood to East Parkway to Avery
    McLean Blvd to Lamar Ave > W
    Lamar to Yard to South Dudley St
    Neptune St to Porter St to S Wellington St
    Wright St to Third St to Main St
Union Pacific Railroad- Abandonded
    Sargent Yard @ Rayner
    Sargent Yard @ Rayner
    Bellevue Blvd/South Parkway to Hernando to Marjorie Ave
    Bellevue Blvd/South Parkway to Hernando to Marjorie Ave
    Person to S. Lauderdale St.
    Person to S. Lauderdale St.
    Spur split to Orgill to Mallory Ave to Bodley Ave to East jct.
    Spur split to Orgill to Mallory Ave to Bodley Ave to East jct.
    Spur north from split @ Mclemore/Kentucky to Virginia
    Trigg to McLemore Ave to Nebraska Ave
    West Trigg @ Riverside Blvd to Louisanna Ave
    Kentucky/Virginia >N to Calhoun Ave
Union Pacific Railroad
    Kentucky/Railroad (Broadway)Ave > E to Main to 3rd St
    Railroad (Broadway) Ave/Driver to Mississippi to Porter to Dudley
    Bellevue Blvd to Sargent Yard to Raymer St
    Lamar Blvd to McClean Blvd to Barksdale St
    Cooper (Tanglewood) to East Parkway to Finley/Avery St
    Finley/Avery St to Poplar Ave
    Amsden/Cumberland St.N to Pershing Ave.
    Jackson Ave to "WYE"
    "WYE" @ Illinois Central RR
    Hollywood St to Springdale St.
    University St @ Chelsea Blvd W to Evergreen
    Chelsea Ave W to Breedlove St
    Moorehead Ave to Thomas St to 7th Ave
    Spur north from split @ V 1ATenn/12 > N to Thomas & Plum
    7th St to 2nd St > South to Front St
    spur > South - Front St to Auction St
    Virginia Ave >West from Michigan to Kansas to Mississippi River
Norfolk Southern Railroad
    Southern Ave at Echles West to Highland Ave to Greer Ave
    Greer Ave to Goodwin St to Buntyn St
    Forrest Yard to Eastern Parkway
    Blythe St > West to Lamar Ave to Rozell St
    Oakview St to Rayner & McLemore Ave to Bellevue Blvd
    Woodward & Agnes Place > NW to Walnut St
    Vance Ave to Beale St to Madison Ave (end)
    Market St & Front St (with Union Ry) > South along Wolf River
    South Dudley St > W to Porter to Mississippi & Lauderdale
    South Wellington St > W to Michigan St
    Spurs @ Broadway & Rayburn Blvd
    South Main to Kansas St.
    Fayette County Line > W 1 mile
    Collierville, Tn
    W Collierville, Tn > W to Germantown Parkway
    Forrest Hill, Tn > NW 1 mile
    Germantown, Tn (eastern city limits) > NW
    Germantown, Tn > Sunset Ave to Poplar Ave > NW
    Index - Brookfield, Tn to Cherry, Tn
    White Station Rd to Mendenhall to Colonial Rd at Poplar Pike
    Poplar Pike at Perkins Ave to Cherry Ave
    Goodlett St @Southern Ave to Hughes Ave
Stewart County
R J Corman Railroad
    Montgomery County line > SW 2 mile
R J Corman Railroad & TVA
    Cumberland City >S to TVA plant
TVA - pt Abandonded
    Laredo, Tn to Houston County line