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Online Utility Training

The Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury is pleased to offer a full program of online utilities training for board members of municipalities and counties that oversee a water and/or wastewater system. A select number of hours of online training have also been approved for utility district commissioners and treatment authority board members.  

Board members are required to have 12 hours of training within 12 months of their initial election or appointment (or re-election/reappointment after April 12, 2017 if representing a city, county or treatment authority system) and 12 hours every three years thereafter (this is referred to as a continuing education period).

The initial 12 hours is only required for the first election or appointment and not every election or appointment. Once a board member has satisfied their initial 12 hours after election or appointment, their continuing education period of three years begins on the following January 1st.  

Getting Started

If you have not registered for the Comptroller's online training, you will need an email account. The email account will be your user name on the Traineze website.

View Training Courses

If you have already registered for an account, signing in will take you to the Traineze website and allow you to view our various training courses.

If you have questions about this training requirement, please visit our FAQ pages. These pages also include a video about Tennessee's Utility Training Requirements. You can also reach our Utilities Specialists at 615.747.5260 or email at