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K-12 Dashboard

December 2021 (Updated June 2022)

Authors: Cassie Stinson and Dana Brimm

This interactive dashboard filters data from the Tennessee Department of Education’s Annual Statistical Report (ASR) to provide information about Tennessee public education at the state and district levels.

To use the dashboard, select a school district from the drop-down menu in the upper left corner of the screen. The information will update for the selected district across all three tabs of the dashboard. You can toggle between the tabs by clicking on the < or > arrows at the bottom of the dashboard screen. Select “Statewide” from the drop-down menu to view state-level ASR data.

The first tab highlights the average daily membership (ADM) by year for the entire district. Additionally, each district’s ADM is broken down by demographic and special population category (students with disabilities, economically disadvantaged students, and students with limited English proficiency). Definitions for each term can be found in the box at the top left.

The second tab defines four position types, along with the statewide average salary for each: licensed educators, instructional personnel, classroom teachers, and principals. Hover over the bar chart on the bottom left to view a breakdown of the district’s personnel by position type. For each year of data included, users can view each district’s average salary by position type as well as the percent increase in average salary from one year to the next.

The third tab displays state and local revenues for each district. Hover over the bar chart at the top left to see a percentage breakdown of state funding sources, including the Basic Education Program (BEP). The district’s annual dollar amount of BEP funding is also highlighted. At the bottom of the tab, each district’s local revenue is broken down by source (e.g., local option taxes, property taxes, and more) and by year.