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Advisory Committee on Open Government

Current Member Term Expiration Association/Organization
Adam Yeomans - Chair 2024 Tennessee Coalition for Open Government
Leah May Dennen 2024 Tennessee County Services Association
Jack McElroy 2024 Tennessee Press Association
Shauna Billingsley 2024 Tennessee Municipal League
Brett Henley 2024 Tennessee School Board Association
Tunisia Holley 2026 League of Women Voters
Brian Lapps 2026 Tennessee Board of Regents
Chief Sammie Williams 2026 Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police
Dick Williams 2026 Common Cause
Jonathan C. Smith 2026 Tennessee Hospital Association
Dan Haskell 2026 Tennessee Association of Broadcasters
Dr. Karen Jackson 2026 AARP
Joel Christopher 2026 Society of Professional Journalists
Sheriff Eddie Farris 2026 Tennessee Sheriffs' Association
Ex Officio Members
Janet Kleinfelter N/A Tennessee Attorney General and Reporter
Sen. Richard Briggs N/A Chair, Senate State and Local Government Committee
Rep. Kelly Keisling N/A Chair, House State Government Committee