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The Integrated Multi-Processing of Administrative and CAMA Technology system (IMPACT) is an integrated
system with a relational database shared across the business areas of DPA, OSAP, SBOE and TS. IMPACT
is hosted by the State of Tennessee and is used by State and County Assessor users who have responsibilities
for parcel maintenance and tax administration. IMPACT replaced the antiquated CAAS system which had been
in use in Tennessee for approximately 30 years.  

IMPACT is a strong choice in CAMA systems, offering:

  • Current technology and design
  • Improved user capabilities
  • Expanded tools for analysis
  • Customized training
  • Multiple levels of user support
  • Mobile data collection

The first contact for all county calls is the county’s DPA area office. There are 5 DPA area offices across the
State of Tennessee. Each office is staffed with proficient, experienced users of IMPACT capable of providing
remote or onsite support.

The State provides training for all current assessor staff during implementation. After the initial training, the
county would typically need to provide IMPACT training for any new hires. Additionally, area DPA offices will
occasionally offer IMPACT training during the year for any new county or state employees needing the full 5-day
training program.

Updates to the IMPACT software will occur approximately 2-4 times per year or as determined by the
Product Manager in collaboration with the Comptroller’s Division of Technology Solutions and the vendor, Tyler
Technologies, Inc. Users will be notified ahead of time when updates will occur and what changes they should
expect to see with the update.  

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